Network Media

Bring It to The Table

Funded by: Talking Eyes Media, Lucius & Eva Eastman Fund

When her 17 year-old son called her the most “politcally intolerant” person he’d ever met, Julie Winokur decided that she needed to find a solution to the growing divisiveness in modern American debates. With Talking Eyes Media, she created Bring It to The Table, an interactive documentary project on political discourse that encourages the free flow of ideas across and beyond partisan lines.

Bring It to The Table involves a short documentary, webisode series, online platform, and community engagement campaign. On the web platform, a series of issues are presented, alongside videos of others offering their perspective. Users can connect with Facebook to share their beliefs through posts that are prominently displayed for issues such as abortion, LGBTQ rights, and more. In addition to online media, there are “Live Table Talks” in a series of event tours across the country, where participants are invited to literally sit down with one another and speak freely, in the inclusive nature of the program. Find out more about Bring It to The Table and speak your mind here.