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Messaging, misinformation and movements: Impact takeaways from the Frank conference

Last month, we headed down to Gainesville, Fla., for the annual Frank gathering of people who use communications to drive social change. This year, the conference felt more necessary than ever. Many of us in the social-change sector are looking for answers to how we continue our work in a culture that not only rejects facts and science, but one that also—thanks to sophisticated social media algorithms that tailor content specifically to our interests and the echo chambers that result—seemingly cannot distinguish between real information, unintentional misinformation and intentional disinformation.

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What muddled podcast metrics reveal about the challenges of assessing new media markets

By Jessica Clark and Sarah Lutman

Podcasting is burgeoning, as we document in a new report we wrote for the Knight Foundation, From Airwaves to Earbuds: Lessons from Knight Investments in Digital Audio and Podcasting. Digital distribution options are allowing media makers to bypass traditional radio broadcasters to reach listeners directly through a growing number of apps and non-broadcast networks. However, tracking the impact of these efforts is still a tough prospect—one that mirrors the challenges faced by many makers who create content for emerging platforms.

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6 takeaways from supporting the Solutions Journalism Network

By Jonathan Gruber | Campus and Community, Einhorn Family Charitable Trust

At the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust (EFCT), we focus as much on helping grantee partners become stronger organizations as on helping them achieve greater impact. These priorities go hand-in-hand, and we invest in the capacity our partners need to enhance and expand their work over time. In supporting a partner’s path to higher performance, we apply—and encourage—a learning and continuous improvement focus rather than sticking to an expected outcome.

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True story: How fake news skews our impact models and what we can do about it

Up in the lofty reaches of theory, the case for the impact of news is clear: Reporters report facts in good faith, and audiences consume these stories and deliberate with others who might not share their perspectives. In the process, they’re better informed to act in their role as citizens, and a better democracy results. Down here in the trenches of 2016, though, the impact story is much messier.

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Impact implications: Taking another look at the API nonprofit news ethics report

In a recent episode of Current‘s podcast “The Pub,” host Adam Ragusea called the implications of the American Press Institute’s recent report on the ethics of foundation-supported journalism “horrifying.” Are nearly half of funders investing in journalism only doing so to advance narrow policy goals?

On closer read, Ragusea’s hot take on the topic not only ignores a fair bit of nuance in the report itself, but misses another piece of the story entirely. Namely, that more foundations than ever are willing to support journalism that addresses social issues head-on and dig deeply into corporate and political corruption.

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