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Media Impact Festival 2015 Program

The Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film and Digital Media presented to Virunga

Additional 2105 Media Impact Festival selections:
Chasing Ice
Girl Rising
When I Walk
Who is Dayani Crystal? Read more

Music Discovery in Public Radio

Music and cultural programming drive social change and community engagement in important ways, and public radio plays a crucial part by reaching younger, more diverse audiences and sparking local conversations and connections. We held a special discussion with key funders, public radio station managers and musicians about non-commercial radio’s role in reflecting, shaping and cultivating community; and explored why funders are supporting this evolving media format. Read more

What’s Next for the Internet

Many funders have been supporting efforts to solidify net neutrality protections and open Internet principles for over a decade. Last year, four million people commented on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) proposed Internet rules, and the President called for true open Internet protections, including reclassification of the Internet under Title II jurisdiction. This February the FCC voted to reclassify the Internet and stop states from banning municipal broadband networks. The rate of change has been dizzying. Read more

Communications Strategies that Fast Track Policy Change

In recent years we’ve seen major progress on seemingly intractable social issues including juvenile justice reform and healthcare disparities among vulnerable populations. Strategic, coordinated media projects and campaigns are tipping the scales and helping to rapidly advance policy change across a wide-spectrum of issues. Read more

Ken Burns at Maladies and Miracles — Video Highlights

The field of philanthropy has lost two great leaders to cancer in recent weeks – Leonard Aube, executive director of The Annenberg Foundation and Charles Benton, chairman of the Benton Foundation and longtime board member of Media Impact Funders. It is a painful reminder that cancer is a prevalent and continuing threat to humanity, despite the many advances that have been made in recent years.

Last month at our Media Impact Focus program on health and science, filmmaker Ken Burns pointed out that one out of two men will get cancer in their lifetime, and one of three women will. Read more

Maladies and Miracles: Funding Media to Illuminate Health and Science

As a country, we are at a profound crossroads in how we understand and think about health and science. On one hand we’re in the midst of a loud — and mostly uninformed — debate about the safety of vaccines. On the other hand we are on the cusp of extraordinary breakthroughs in understanding and treating diseases like cancer. Read more

Media Innovation in Austin and Beyond

At the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin, MIF presented a session on media innovation in Austin and beyond with a focus on health communications. High-quality news and online outreach strategies are both central to informing citizens about their health choices and related policies. Read the Storify. Read more


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