GFEM Media Database

The GFEM Media Database has closed

When we started the GFEM media database Facebook and YouTube didn’t exist, crowd funding meant asking your families for finishing funds over Thanksgiving dinner, and websites were mysteriously created by code-savvy geeks.

When we created the database we felt that non-commercial, foundation-supported media projects deserved a digital space that funders could explore to learn more about promising projects that they might not otherwise encounter.

Now, with so many options for sharing and fundraising around projects, including social media, crowd funding platforms and point and click website creation, we have decided that the GFEM media database has outlived its usefulness and has been shut down as of  July 1, 2014.

Some of you might know that GFEM the organization doesn’t exist anymore either. We changed our name to Media Impact Funders two years ago and in that transition we have refined our work and priorities. Part of our new effort involves highlighting finished media projects that received funding from our members. Please explore our Network Media section and send us any examples of your work, if it meets our new criteria.

– Media Impact Funders team