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Environmental issues are an important area of focus for many funders and media producers, from conservation, to regional public health, to cleaning up the world’s oceans and beyond. As both the planet and the debate over climate change have heated up, foundations have increasingly been investing not only in content production, but in research to understand how and why members of the public make decisions on environmental policy and activism. This Issue section provides a single point of entry to explore all of the content related to the environment and climate shifts on our site — from events to analysis, media examples to posts. Explore the big picture or select a tab for specific types of content.

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2017 Sundance Film Festival turns its lens on climate change, environment

Last week, as Donald J. Trump was being inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States in Washington, D.C., festival-goers in Park City, Utah, were preparing for premieres, parties and protests at the Sundance Film Festival. The MIF staff, its board of directors and various colleagues were focusing on how to move forward with effective, engaging storytelling, especially as it pertains to the health of our planet.

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Nonprofits team up for impact


Narrative style influences citation frequency in climate change science


Strategic science communication on environmental issues


A picture is worth a thousand data points: Exploring visualizations as tools for connecting the public to climate change research


Directed-network campaigning: A tried and tested recipe for breakthrough advocacy in the 21st Century



What is it: A campaign launched by Ford in late January that seeks to raise awareness about inequality in all its forms and what can be done about it. Ford asked people on social media one question: Finish this sentence: Inequality is…

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“Chasing Ice” OVEE: Must-see excerpts from our online screening & chat

Earlier this month, Media Impact Funders hosted an OVEE screening featuring clips and conversation from Chasing Ice, a powerful documentary that uses time-lapse video to tell the story of our planet’s changing climate. If you missed the screening but want to be a part of thought-provoking discussion around climate change and the film’s impact, here are some excerpts of the discussions between Vince Stehle, executive director of Media Impact Funders, James Balog, the subject of the film, and Jeff Orlowski, the film’s director.  Read more


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