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Health is a huge and complex issue that has taken center stage in public debate – from partisan divides over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and healthcare access for all, to eroding public trust in medical research and public health crises. Over the past few years, funders have come to see media investment as a means of countering bad health information, engaging the public in healthy behaviors and advancing policy solutions for greater access to affordable care.

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How to use our media impact assessment resources, Part II

Earlier this year, we discussed the ways in which we’ll be continuing to improve our Assessing the Impact of Media (AIM) Initiative throughout 2017, and highlighted how we’ve been thinking about media impact and strategy so far. Since our subscriber list for the AIM newsletter has more than doubled in the past year, we wanted to take a moment to orient newcomers to this important part of our work. So, here’s a quick update on our recent progress, plus an FAQ on how to make the most of the AIM tools and resources we collect.

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Meet the tiny nonprofit behind the world’s most ambitious journalism


How Gannett used engaged ethics to help kids in crisis



What is it: A campaign launched by Ford in late January that seeks to raise awareness about inequality in all its forms and what can be done about it. Ford asked people on social media one question: Finish this sentence: Inequality is…

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How CIR measured greater awareness of health risks after investigation


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