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Ken Burns at Maladies and Miracles — Video Highlights

The field of philanthropy has lost two great leaders to cancer in recent weeks – Leonard Aube, executive director of The Annenberg Foundation and Charles Benton, chairman of the Benton Foundation and longtime board member of Media Impact Funders. It is a painful reminder that cancer is a prevalent and continuing threat to humanity, despite the many advances that have been made in recent years.

Last month at our Media Impact Focus program on health and science, filmmaker Ken Burns pointed out that one out of two men will get cancer in their lifetime, and one of three women will. Read more

Maladies and Miracles: Funding Media to Illuminate Health and Science

As a country, we are at a profound crossroads in how we understand and think about health and science. On one hand we’re in the midst of a loud — and mostly uninformed — debate about the safety of vaccines. On the other hand we are on the cusp of extraordinary breakthroughs in understanding and treating diseases like cancer. Read more


Best Fiends – Malaria No More

In October 2014, Malaria No More announced a new partnership with mobile gaming developers Seriously, and their new hit game Best Fiends. A natural fit for each other thanks to the game’s handsome malaria-fighting mosquito Edward, the game created outstanding levels of awareness and education – including record setting web traffic to and Edward’s online home. Read more


Looking Past Quarantine to Community Health

In between trips to Liberia, Dr. Paul Farmer of Partners In Health visited Open Society Foundation’s offices to discuss his work on Ebola. OSF produced a series of videos featuring experts on the ground who share their wisdom about the current health crisis, and what can and must be done to stop it. Read more

The Impact (of) Game(s)

Media Impact Funders and Northern California Grantmakers held a special funder briefing at Zynga headquarters in San Francisco on games addressing science and health, related impact research, and what the future of this burgeoning field looks like for philanthropists interested in adding games to their programmatic investments. Read more



Foldit is a downloadable computer game that allows users to contribute to scientific research by folding protein models on their computer. Read more


Generation Food

With a billion hungry and two billion overweight people on Earth, everyone knows that the food system is broken. But few people understand that it’s a system, with rules that keep things ticking along. The new documentary Generation Food examines this system. Read more


Web Junkie

China is one of the first countries in the world to label overuse of the Internet a clinical condition. Web Junkie explores lives of patients at the treatment facilities the Chinese Government has created to detox and cure teenagers of their addictions to online life.  Read more


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