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Funded by: Ford Foundation, Discovery Education

Youth have a unique perspective on the world that often goes unnoticed and underfunded. BYkids lets their voices be heard by funding short documentaries from kids around the world, with the aid of film mentors.

A yearly Story Selection Committee pairs story submissions from five would-be storytellers with skilled filmmakers who can give them the technical and narrative guidance they need to share their thoughts effectively. The films represent a wide range of interests, from the story of an AIDS orphan in Mozambique in Home is Where You Find It (trailer above), to a young immigrant writer in America contending with stereotypes about her Islamic faith at the age of 17 in Poet Against Prejudice.

These films are widely distributed, with a targeted audience of over 2 million, and proceeds are used to help fund the following year’s films. This is an excellent opportunity for the young filmmakers for whom distribution beyond DIY social media may seem a Hollywood fantasy. For more information and to see trailers from more of the films, visit the BYkids website.