Network Media

Change Gon’ Come

Funded by: The California Endowment

The youth media projects The California Endowment funds across the state provide an opportunity for California’s undeserved youth to express themselves through poetry, photography, journalism, and video. The Ryse Center encourages young people to engage community and express themselves.

“Change Gon’ Come” is a video focusing on young people’s struggles to make changes in their own lives and avoid the fate of others like them during encounters with the police. “As a community member, it’s important to show we have the ability to change society’s perception of us. As a director, I feel it’s important to show what young people see everyday. In this way, my work addresses the question, ‘How can you be down for change if you don’t know what needs to be changed?’ Change Gon’ Come addresses how we plan to change within ourselves to help change others,” said Gemika Henderson, director of the video “Change Gon’ Come.”

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