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Children’s Theatre Company

Funded by: Met Life/TCG A-ha! Program, The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation through EMC Arts

What would happen if children could inform the creative process in real time, as plays are in development? That’s the question asked by the Children’s Theater Company (CTC), the largest children’s theater in the U.S. and a prolific creator of new works. CTC calls its new effort “Kidcentricity,” a company-wide investigation into how the theater can engage young people authentically in the creative process. Children are offered a deep set of real questions that directors and designers are grappling with, and teachers help them develop answers that will inform working artists.

“Every day in our rehearsals, we see how empowering it can be for a young person to see their ideas respected and integrated in a way that benefits the work,” says Artistic Director Brosius. “As new digital platforms help this experience reach scale, we can bring artistic interaction off the stage and into classrooms. We can make the community true co-creators of our work.”

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