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Funded by: ITVS, Danidas oplysningsbevilling, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund, Chicken and Egg Fund of Tides Foundation, European Partnership for Democracy/Press Freedom Consortium, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, DR Sales

In 2008, Robert Mugabe won a controversial election which allowed him to remain in power as president of Zimbabwe, but forced him to create a committee to redesign the country’s constitution in a more democratic form. To this end, he organized a bipartisan committee, including political rivals Paul Mangwana and Douglas Mwonzora. For over three years, director Camilla Nielsson had deep insider access to these men, and she follows the reluctant formation of an alliance between them as they write a new constitution for a country which has long been plagued by violence and corruption. She met with them at the end of each day to review footage: “We would end up talking with them about what we had seen. After the process was completed, Douglas Mwonzora said that he thought they had suffered from ‘reverse Stockholm syndrome.'”

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The film was a featured documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival, won a “DOX Award Special Mention” at CPH:DOX, and is headed for the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam in November 2015. To find out more about the film, visit the Upfront Films website.