February 2023—

Gainesville, Florida

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frank, the gathering for people who change the world, is back in person and online in 2023.

This year at frank, take a deep breath and settle in for the long view. Whether we’re looking back over our shoulder or out over the horizon, taking a long view can offer us perspective, humility and hope. It can inspire us to do better work and work to be better versions of ourselves. Throughout history, successful change agents have taken the long view–making choices that lead to a better future, following all the steps, and working collectively toward what’s best for humanity rather than individual, short-term gain.

Taking the long view means that we don’t always see the result or experience the benefits of our work. It also means that others’ choices brought us to where we are.

Together, we’ll examine the long view–as a form of self-care, as a call to building a better world, and as a strategic imperative. We’ll look at movements that have succeeded by taking the long view, and how short-term thinking can be harmful. We’ll also look at the long view from cultural and social perspectives.

What is frank?

frank is more than just a gathering. It is an essential community for movement builders and change makers – the people who use communications to drive positive social, institutional and behavioral change. A part of the University of Florida Center for Public Interest Communications, frank gathering informs and drives the field of public interest communications through research, insights and news.

Now launching its tenth year, frank is bringing changemakers together from across the earth. Our community is made up of strategists, researchers, artists, journalists, students, activists and more. From corporate advocacy to the research lab, to the grassroots on the street activist, the frank community believes in using evidence-based strategies to drive social change. If you see yourself in our mission, then we welcome you into our community.