June 2020—
9:00 am—5:00 pm

Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice
320 E. 43rd St.
New York, NY 10017

This is a funder-only gathering.

COVID-19 message: The health, safety and well-being of our colleagues is our top priority. As such, we are preparing for a variety of contingencies, including the possibility that we may need to cancel the Media Impact Forum. We will be closely monitoring developments and will keep you updated along the way.

Our 2020 Media Impact Forum will take place June 2 at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice in New York. We hope you’ll join us for this important event. Here’s what you need to know:

We’ve been hosting the Media Impact Forum since 2013 with the purpose of bringing funders together to network, deepen learning and spark collaboration. This is special because funders of journalism, documentary and other media seldom cross paths in their everyday work. The Forum provides a wonderful opportunity to come together for a day of inspiring media presentations and to stay up to date on current trends, issues and opportunities facing the field.

For example, this year’s Forum paid special attention to philanthropy’s role in creating and sustaining crucial connections with communities through new and innovative radio and audio projects. And in 2018, we focused funders’ attention to the special role of science in our national debates, the importance of sharpening the communication of science, and broader issues about understanding how and when communications and storytelling make a difference.

In keeping with our strategic objective to focus this year’s programming on climate change and the environment, our upcoming Forum will focus on philanthropy’s role in amplifying media’s efforts to address this increasingly urgent global crisis.

Record temperatures, massive coral bleaching and devastating wildfires and hurricanes are wreaking havoc across the world. Though the challenges are myriad and seemingly insurmountable, we also need to acknowledge that we still have the opportunity to make the right decisions about the future of our natural world.

The media, for its part, also has an opportunity: to give global warming more prominence in political debates in a critical election year, and beyond. And funders, for their part, are recognizing the need for more and better news coverage of our changing planet, and the role of storytelling in moving audiences to action. That’s why Media Impact Funders will convene funders and media makers to explore the effectiveness of media efforts focused on climate change and the environment—and what more needs to be done.

That’s why Media Impact Funders will convene funders and media makers to explore the effectiveness of media efforts focused on climate change and the environment—and what more needs to be done. The culmination of our special yearlong programming focusing on the environment will take place at our 2020 Media Impact Forum on June 2 in New York at the Ford Foundation for Social Justice.

This is an important opportunity for us to convene, and not solely because of the urgency of the challenge that lies before us. The Media Impact Forum, which MIF has been hosting since 2013, offers funders of journalism, documentary film and other media—who seldom cross paths in their everyday work—the chance to come together, deepen learning, and spark innovation and collaboration.

And philanthropy can play a pivotal role in shifting behavior and awareness. We believe that regardless of your programmatic focus, climate change must now be a through line for all of our work moving forward.

After undergoing a yearlong strategic planning process to help us better serve the growing fields of media and philanthropy, we have decided to implement a member and non-member fee. Find all the details on the registration page.
Members: $250
Non-members: $300

Westgate New York Grand Central
304 East 42nd Street
New York, NY, 10017
(Less than 5-minute walk to the Ford Foundation)

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