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FilmAid – The Power of Film

Funded by: Frances Lear Foundation, Lois & Irving Blum Foundation, Tides Foundation

In 1999, as the war in Kosovo was raging, independent producer Caroline Baron tuned into a radio story covering the crisis.

The report explained that the key necessities — food, medicine, and shelter —were being handled by large humanitarian aid agencies, but a big, unresolved problem facing the hundreds of thousands of Kosovar refugees was boredom and hopelessness. Coming from the film industry, this sparked an idea for Caroline: she would bring movies to the camps.

FilmAid uses film and other media to bring lifesaving information — along with hope and joy —to communities affected by disaster, displacement and economic disparity. Individual programs may vary from one region to another, but every FilmAid activity falls into one of three broad categories: Media Content, Community Outreach, and Skills Development.

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