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Indian Point

Funded by: Catapult Film Fund

Nuclear power has faced many roadblocks to mainstream acceptance in the United States, mainly concerns about its potential dangers. In Indian Point, the nuclear power plant in question is only 35 miles north of Times Square on the Hudson River, and it is growing old. Director Ivy Meeropol goes inside the plant and speaks with engineers about why they believe in nuclear power, following them through both routine maintenance and minor crises. She provides contrasting outsider viewpoints, such as the contentious couple of an environmental reporter husband and his activist wife. This paints a nuanced picture of the current state of nuclear power in the U.S., an industry which is often discussed with decades-old talking points.

Indian Point made its American debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, followed soon thereafter by a screening at the Hot Docs International Film Festival. To find out more, visit the film’s page at the Catapult Film Fund website.