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Inequality for All

Funded by: The Fledgling Fund, Ford Foundation, The Arkay Foundation, Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund, Weissberg Foundation

In this documentary film and video series, economist and author Robert Reich addresses the widening income gap in America and how it affects the lives of the low-income and middle class laborers. Reich frames the consolidation of wealth as a threat to the foundation of American democracy itself, through lecture-style explanations of charts and drawings. Director Jacob Kornbluth has described the film as An Inconvenient Truth for the economy.

Since the release of the feature film in September 2013, director Jacob Kornbluth has released additional short videos in companion series online, with Reich exploring specific points of the inequality issue in each. Speaking about the project’s multi-faceted structure at the 2015 Media Impact Forum, Kornbluth said, “form needs to match function and you have to hit the head and the heart.” He further explained that while the feature film was important as a central piece, from an artist’s perspective the ongoing video series allowed for a “continuum of work.” To learn more about the film and watch the short videos, visit the Inequality for All website.