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Using Virtual Reality to Showcase Nonprofit Impact


The Armor of Light

The Rev. Rob Schenck has a crisis of faith in this documentary by Abigail Disney. As a conservative evangelical pastor, he lobbies Washington on a pro-life platform — but questions how firearm legislation can coexist with those beliefs. Read more


Among the Believers

Islamabad, Pakistan is home to the infamous Red Mosque, whose leader Maulana Abdul Aziz Ghazi teaches the Koran and proselytizes for ISIS. Among the Believers follows Aziz as a political, religious, and local business influence, but also tells the stories of several of his young students.  Read more


Change Gon’ Come

The youth media projects The California Endowment funds across the state provide an opportunity for California’s undeserved youth to express themselves through poetry, photography, journalism, and video. The Ryse Center encourages young people to engage community and express themselves. Read more



StoryCorps is the acclaimed American oral history project which is helping the country recognize the power and value in the stories we find all around us, teaching the importance of listening and helping us realize that every story counts and every life matters equally. StoryCorps shares select interviews of everyday Americans with the nation over public radio, public television, books and new media. Read more



Youth have a unique perspective on the world that often goes unnoticed and underfunded. BYkids lets their voices be heard by funding short documentaries from kids around the world, with the aid of film mentors. Read more


Life After Youth Media: Insights About Program Influence Into Adulthood




Web Junkie

China is one of the first countries in the world to label overuse of the Internet a clinical condition. Web Junkie explores lives of patients at the treatment facilities the Chinese Government has created to detox and cure teenagers of their addictions to online life.  Read more


Director: Lee Hirsch Producer: Cynthia Lowen Website: Funding Funders: BeCause Foundation, Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, Fledgling Fund, the National Center for Learning Disabilities, NoVo Foundation, Sundance, The Vered Foundation Key Funder: The Einhorn Family Charitable Trust (EFCT) The filmmakers write: “EFCT quickly became one of the key strategic partners and funders for The Bully […]

Read more


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