News from the Field

Keep an eye on these upcoming misinformation events

In conjunction with our webinar series on how funders can combat misinformation, we’ve been keeping an eye on forthcoming events on the topic. Here are just a couple:

Misinfocon: Trust, Verification, Fact Checking & Beyond

When: 10/25/17
Where: London, England

Brought to you by the Hacks/Hackers Foundation, this event will be produced in collaboration with the recently announced Mozilla Information Trust Initiative.

In keeping with the “Con” part of MisinfoCon (which is a reference to anything from Community to Convergence), this gathering will aim to contribute something unique to the movement of people working on solutions to misinformation.

From “Fake News” to Internet Shutdowns: A Look at World Trends in Freedom of Expression Online

When: 12/18/17 – 12/21/17
Where: Internet Governance Forum

Across the world, freedom of expression and journalism are under fire. Violent extremism, forced migration, and persistent inequality have contributed to a wave of political polarization, nationalism, and identity politics. As Internet intermediaries increasingly become primary platforms for accessing content, traditional media have seen their business models challenged, and some journalists see social media platforms and their algorithms as replacing them as the editors. How have these political, social and technological forces impacted freedom of expression online?

This session will provide a platform for discussion of these issues, building on the findings of the 2017 report of UNESCO’s flagship series on World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development. Set to be released in November 2017, the World Trends Report will explore recent developments at the global and regional levels in media freedom, pluralism, independence, and safety, each examined through a gender-sensitive lens and with special attention given to transnational and digital media. The focus of the session will be on emerging digital trends, such as the rise in internet shutdowns, the impact of algorithms on diversity of content, and the production, circulation and responses to “fake news.”

Media Impact Funders, in conjunction with the Hewlett Foundation, is organizing a webinar series exploring issues related to the challenges and opportunities to improve the production, distribution and consumption of information. Click here to read about our first webinar. Learn more about the Hewlett Foundation’s work in this space here.