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Moving Walls 21

Moving Walls is the annual documentary photography exhibition produced by the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project. The 2013-2014 show featured a diverse group of works covering a wide range of issues.

Shannon Jensen’s A Long Walk features top-down shots of shoes at an angle not unfamiliar to Instagram users – but rather than a fashion spread, these are the worn soles of South Sudanese refugees after their escape. The weight of growing cultural influence is palpable in Mark Leong’s colorful project Hong Kong Under China. Diana Markosian’s Goodbye My Chechnya pictures young women at school, prayer, and dating in an increasingly Islamic-influenced community (pictured above). In his series In Ruins: The Fall of Greek Industry, photographer Nikos Pilos captures stark images of rusted factories and ransacked managers offices. Finally, João Pina offers a bleak but powerful look at the aftermath of the South American “Dirty Wars” in Shadow of the Condor.

To view images from all of these projects and learn more about the Moving Walls series, visit the Open Society Foundations website.