Written by Global Press Chief Operating Officer Laxmi Parthasarathy and Global Press CEO Cristi Hegranes, this study establishes that there is a deep reservoir of untapped demand from readers in the United States—across a wide range of demographics, including noncitizen, diaspora and migrant populations—for higher-quality international journalism. The study’s conclusions were derived from a rigorous methodology, including a nationwide survey of more than 1,200 U.S.-based readers of international news, complemented by in-depth interview and focus group feedback. The findings in this study point the way toward a remarkable opportunity. U.S. audiences across a diverse range of demographics prefer higher-quality international journalism that is defined by more proximate reporting, dignified and precise language, and comprehensive coverage–once they know it is an option. The media industry and media funders have an opportunity to unlock this latent demand, making it possible to serve readers engaging international news without sacrificing quality. 

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