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Funded by: Corporation for Public Broadcasting

StoryCorps is the acclaimed American oral history project which is helping the country recognize the power and value in the stories we find all around us, teaching the importance of listening and helping us realize that every story counts and every life matters equally. StoryCorps shares select interviews of everyday Americans with the nation over public radio, public television, books and new media. At almost 50,000 interviews, StoryCorps now stands as the largest collection of American voices ever gathered.

With StoryCorpsU (SCU), it introduces an interactive, year-long youth development program for high-need schools using StoryCorps radio broadcasts and animated shorts to support the development of identity and social intelligence in students. The program enables students to experience their teachers as interested not only in their learning, but also in who they are as individuals. Sharing stories among teachers, students, and families creates the types of human connections that play an important role in high school completion.

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