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Surviving the Spill: The BP Oil Disaster

Funded by: Ford Foundation, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, Mozilla Foundation

After the 2010 BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the local environment was devastated and thousands of lives were disrupted by damage. This interactive web video lets you hear the voice of those affected by the disaster.

The site features a video produced by LandofOpportunity which adapts the “Bridge the Gulf” slideshows produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Powerful quotes from those affected by the spill drive home the human cost of the Deepwater Horizon incident against breathtaking shots of coastal Louisiana. The audience has the ability to comment on individual moments in the film, as well as view primary documents as the events they relate to are discussed onscreen. Watch “Surviving the Spill: The BP Oil Disaster”¬†on the LandofOpportunity website.