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Through a Lens Darkly

Funded by: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Rockefeller Foundation New York City Cultural Innovation Fund, Nathan Cummings Foundation, CrossCurrents Foundation, National Black Programming Consortium

This new documentary film from filmmaker, journalist, and activist Thomas Allen Harris, which is based on Deborah Willis’ book Reflections in Black, focuses on the history of African-American photography, from early vintage daguerreotypes through to the present.

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Views From the Reservation

Funded by: Open Society Foundations

Photographer John Willis’ project “Views from the Reservation” focuses on life at the Pine Ridge Reservation, home of the Oglala Sioux people. His photos, mostly in black-and-white, are meant to repair damaging stereotypes of Native American lifestyles which are made by outsiders who do not fully understand or appreciate the culture they capture. Read more

Media Impact Forum—Documentary Photography: Representing Identity

The final panel of the 2014 Media Impact Forum featured three very different documentary photography projects, each innovative in its own way. Each speaker addressed core principles: how the perspective of the person behind the camera can change the way viewers relate to the subject, and how this can help to chip away at traditional negative stereotypes. Read more

MIFocus: AIM and Shoot Zooms in On Impact, Photography

“Photography has a special capacity to serve the public interest,” Media Impact Funders Executive Director Vince Stehle told attendees at the March 5 Media Impact Focus event, AIM and Shoot. And who could imagine a better venue to explore this topic than the Skylight Studios of the Annenberg Space for Photography?

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Deep Reads on the Impact of Innovations in Photography

At our Media Impact Focus: AIM and Shoot event, we’ll take a long look at the ways in which new technologies are opening up fresh opportunities for photographers to connect and collaborate with audiences.

To shed light on these shifts, three of our speakers have assembled a shortlist of relevant readings—Amy Yenkin, the director of the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project; Susan Meiselas, the president of the Magnum Cultural Foundation and a critically acclaimed photographer, and Sara Terry, the founder and artistic director of The Aftermath Project. Read more


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