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Documentaries That Pull Back the Curtain on Big Oil

Documentary films are at the forefront of the climate change debate, conveying powerful stories and images of environmental destruction that help viewers understand what’s at stake far better than most policy debates can. Media Impact Funders, The 11th Hour Project and Philanthropy New York convened a session to help funders learn more about how a trio of high-impact productions—Virunga, Gasland and Gasland Part II—are influencing viewers, shaping media coverage, and moving policymakers to action.

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Surviving the Spill: The BP Oil Disaster

Funded by: Ford Foundation, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, Mozilla Foundation

After the 2010 BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the local environment was devastated and thousands of lives were disrupted by damage. This interactive web video lets you hear the voice of those affected by the disaster.

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Media Impact Focus: AIM and Shoot

On March 5 we continued the discussion of cutting-edge impact analysis methods we began last November, and added documentary photography to the list of topics covered.  Read more