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The Fledgling Fund offers insights on funding virtual reality

Editor’s note: Earlier this month, Media Impact Funders brought funders together at Philanthropy New York with organizers and presenters from the first VR for Change summit to explore how immersive platforms offer new ways to engage and mobilize users around social issues. Because this is a new and quickly evolving medium, attendees had many questions. The […]

Documenting Impact featuring "When I Walk"

On Thursday, October 1 we hosted our first OVEE screening featuring clips and conversation from Emmy-award winning documentary When I Walk, one of the five powerful films selected for our 2015 Media Impact Festival held in June.

The Fledgling Fund Argues That Impact Data and Tools Must be Viewed in the Context of Strategy

In early September, The Fledgling Fund team released the following open letter in response to ongoing debates about how best to assess media investments:

Documentaries That Pull Back the Curtain on Big Oil

Documentary films are at the forefront of the climate change debate, conveying powerful stories and images of environmental destruction that help viewers understand what’s at stake far better than most policy debates can. Media Impact Funders, The 11th Hour Project and Philanthropy New York convened a session to help funders learn more about how a […]