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New evidence shows that documentary films can improve women’s and girls’ lives

By Kimberly Sevcik | Director, International Engagement, ITVS Many of us who work in media believe that social documentaries and storytelling can change hearts and minds and even behavior—and with the field’s growing emphasis on impact measurement, Independent Television Service (ITVS) set out to prove it.

"Who Is Dayani Cristal" OVEE recap: Must-see excerpts from our online screening & chat

  “These people, as much as they are invisible in life, they are invisible in death. It’s very hard to identify them. Nobody’s out there looking for them.” -Who Is Dayani Cristal Last week, we hosted an OVEE screening featuring clips and conversation from Who Is Dayani Cristal, a 2013 Sundance award-winning documentary that retraces the […]

Documenting Impact featuring "When I Walk"

On Thursday, October 1 we hosted our first OVEE screening featuring clips and conversation from Emmy-award winning documentary When I Walk, one of the five powerful films selected for our 2015 Media Impact Festival held in June.