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The Armor of Light

Funded by: Fork Films

The Rev. Rob Schenck has a crisis of faith in this documentary by Abigail Disney. As a conservative evangelical pastor, he lobbies Washington on a pro-life platform — but questions how firearm legislation can coexist with those beliefs.

THE ARMOR OF LIGHT follows Schenck closely as he wrestles with this moral conflict after meeting the mother of a boy killed by gun violence. He openly wonders how he can preach gun safety to a constituency that is as influenced by him as it is by the NRA. The film takes us backstage into the worlds of lobbying and evangelism, where politics and religion are deeply intertwined.

The film, Disney’s first time in the director’s chair, has screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, and has been selected for the upcoming Montclair Film Festival as well. To find out more about the film, visit the ARMOR OF LIGHT website.