The California Endowment’s Communications Strategies that Fast Track Policy Change at NTEN

As part of the first Leading Change Summit (14LCS) in San Francisco, Media Impact Funders and Northern California Grantmakers co-hosted a special event to introduce The California Endowment’s newly launched Communications Strategies that Fast Track Policy Change.

Participants learned how leaders from policy and advocacy communities have come together to move policy change on issues such as school discipline, childhood trauma and energy. Session attendees took part in an exploration of several case studies that detail how funders and grantees assessed opportunities and solutions, improved organizations’ communications planning and impact measurement to become agile communicators, successfully framed stories, and leveraged media and organizational partnerships.

Following an overview, participants broke into small groups to do a deep dive into three of the cases with a facilitated discussion.


  • Chris Hershey, Hershey Cause Communications
  • Laura Faer, Public Counsel | Fix School Discipline
  • Mary Lou Fulton, The California Endowment
  • Rick Reed, Garfield Foundation | RE-AMP
  • Jane Stevens, ACEs Too High