Assessing Impact of Media

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Three Ways to Give Our New Journalism Impact Spinner a Whirl

Puzzling through your theory of change for a journalism grant? Wondering what happened once the stories you supported hit the street? Get your mitts on one of our handy new Journalism Impact Spinners, released at the 2015 Media impact Forum.

A companion to the nonprofit news impact guide we’ve jointly published with USC Annenberg’s Media Impact Project, the spinners can help you to:

  • Clarify your goals—from reach to innovation to mobilization—when making journalism grants (see the inner ring)
  • Track a project in process across the gauge, to see what it’s already accomplished and how far it still has to go (spin the dial)
  • Identify relevant assessment methods and indicators, based on the project’s goals (see the outer ring)

We’ll be distributing more of the spinners on Friday, September 25 at the Online News Association conference in Los Angeles. Can’t wait? Contact MIF Research Director Jessica Clark to receive one of your very own today.