To support the work of media organizations and journalists regarding the war in Ukraine, the Global Forum for Media Development has curated an extensive list of organizations providing emergency funding, available for journalists and media as well as crisis and emergency resources.

In addition, GFMD is hosting information-sharing meetings; advising donors on how and where their emergency funding can be best allocated; mapping out a list of organizations’ needs, capacities and competencies; translating funding opportunities and resources into Ukrainian for Ukrainian media/journalists; and has established a line of communication with Internews Ukraine, which is leading a national coordination of 15 organizations in UA.

Funders looking for more information or who want to attend future meetings to stay informed of the latest updates should email GFMD International Partnerships Manager Biba Klomp at

Emergency/crisis funding 

More specifically, we have collated a list of emergency funding for organisations working in Ukraine and the wider region on the GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guidein English and in UkrainianIn the first week over 24 emergency fundings were added to the list which is updated every day.

Check out Freedom House, which provides assistance to journalists and media staff as well as civil society organisations working on media/press freedom at risk. And the Defending Journalism (DJ) Safety Fund, which provides immediate support for journalists who are victimised as a direct result of their journalistic work.

Emergency/crisis resources

We are also collating a list of emergency/crisis resources: in English and in Ukrainian. Currently, there are more than 34 resources and articles collated but the list is updated regularly.

On this dedicated page, digital and logistical support opportunities are updated on a daily basis. For instance, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee is providing professional and free legal assistance, from counselling to representation, to Ukrainian refugees. As for digital support, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) can refer your organisation to Cloudflare if you are the victim of a DDOS attack. Cloudflare is an American web infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery network and DDoS mitigation services. Cloudflare offers pro-bono protection against DDOS attacks for organisations referred by NED.

We are also constantly collecting resources and articles on fact-checkingreporting tips and toolssafety, and materials and gathering initiatives on monitoring human rights violations and crimes against journalists to support the work of journalists and journalism organisations.

Fundraising and Crowdfunding for Media and Journalists in Ukraine

On this page, GFMD has collated fundraising and crowdfunding initiatives as part of our information sharing effort to support media and journalists in Ukraine and the region: in English and in Ukrainian. We have put together 14 crowdfunding opportunities but all the latest opportunities are added daily.

Note: Please check any site that you choose to donate to for authenticity.

Here you can find out about such opportunities as the Ukraine Safety Fund created by the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists. As the conflict continues, journalists reporting on frontlines need first aid kits, flak jackets, helmets and medical supplies. All donations made to that fund will go directly to support in this emergency.

All the GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide pages mentioned above will be updated on a regular basis. Please contact us at if you think a specific resource is missing. We have the personnel capacity to translate information to Ukrainian, feel free to send it to us in English.

This post originally appeared on the Global Forum for Media Development’s website on March 8.

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