October 2020—

This is a virtual film festival.

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Where Investigative Journalism Meets Cinematic Storytelling

Double Exposure, whose sixth edition coincides with seismic changes in our world, connects with engaged, civicminded audiences. Double Exposure is the first and only film festival in the United States powered exclusively by investigative reporting. The DX community is diverse, educated, interested and involved.

Double Exposure combines a slate of top-tier film screenings for the general public with a professional symposium geared toward media industry insiders. With the health and safety of our community uppermost in our minds, the 2020 edition will take place entirely online, just weeks before the US presidential election. It will feature a series of electrifying discussions, workshops, legal clinics, screenings, celebrity Q&As, and much more.

For the first time, registered participants can attend live virtually and view recorded sessions after the event. Given reduced registration fees, the absence of travel and hotel costs and easy access to live and recorded sessions, Double Exposure 2020 projects a greatly expanded audience, in size and geographic reach.

With democracy, accountability and truth in the balance, DX does more than just identify and celebrate a genre of filmmaking. It casts this vital body of work toward recognition as a coherent artistic vision. It connects audience appreciation for creative output to the rights of reporters and filmmakers to pursue investigations in the public interest. It ties stirrings of artistic curiosity to ractical consequences and groundbreaking storytelling to policy changes.

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