August 2024—
12:30 pm—1:30 pm

Zoom online meeting

This program is for funders-only.

Media Impact Funders and the Chronicle of Philanthropy invites you to a program exploring the critical role of storytelling in philanthropy.

Facing significant challenges, local news outlets are providing less coverage of crucial topics—including philanthropy. This decline often obscures the vital role philanthropy plays in keeping communities vibrant and meeting critical needs. To address this, the Chronicle’s Nonprofit Accountability and Solutions Fellowship equips local journalists with the skills needed to craft compelling stories about the vital work of nonprofits and foundations. Research shows a strong public desire for information on how communities tackle problems, and nonprofits often play a central role as connectors and problem solvers.

That role is especially crucial as America faces growing divides. To put the spotlight on how philanthropy is working to bring people together to build civic connections, The Chronicle just launched a new project, called the Commons, that offers reporting, opinion, essays, resources, tools and more. Media philanthropy, in particular, can contribute significantly by investing in a diverse range of narratives from various communities. Bridging divides was also a key theme at the 2024 Media Impact Forum, highlighting the importance of media philanthropy in creating a more informed, engaged, and equitable future for all.

Join us as we explore how storytelling can empower philanthropy to make a lasting impact on our communities.

  • Sundra Hominik, Director of Partnerships, Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Steve Kilar, Equity Issues Editor, Arizona Republic
  • Andrew Simon, Editor-in-Chief, Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Fay Twersky, President and Director; The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
  • Vince Stehle, Executive Director, Media Impact Funders (moderator)