November 2019—
9:00 am—9:00 pm

e-Town Hall
1535 Spruce St.
Boulder, CO 80302

This is a funder-only gathering.

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In 2016, we saw the loss of half of the Great Barrier Reef to coral bleaching. Last month, a heatwave in Greenland that caused 12.5 billion tons of ice to melt in a single day—that’s enough water to cover all of Florida in 5 inches of water. And just recently, Hurricane Dorian, which decimated the Bahamas and displaced thousands of people, was strengthened by ocean temperatures that were far above normal.

After years of these record temperatures, devastating wildfires, and hurricanes wreaking havoc in communities across the globe, there has never been more urgency to act on reversing the terrible effects of climate change.

Could media be the pivot point? As America’s concern about climate change surges, the media has an incredible opportunity to give the topic more prominence in political spheres, on the road to the 2020 election, and beyond.

Media Impact Funders, in collaboration with the Environmental Grantmakers Association and Philanthropy Colorado will convene funders and media makers to explore the effectiveness of media efforts focused on climate change and the environment.

This all-day, high-level gathering provides an important opportunity for us to examine what philanthropy can do to help amplify attention to our global environmental crisis, and motivate audiences to action.

It’s also an opportunity to follow up on some of the media efforts we learned about at a meeting we hosted in November 2015 with top documentarians, journalism outlets and funders. Speakers from that meeting honed in on questions of how to assess whether media productions are moving audiences and policymakers to action, and how to collaborate more effectively. We’ll reflect on those 2015 discussions, talk about what we’ve learned, consider action-items from the last convening, and strategize on what must be done as we head into a critical political year, in the United States and globally.

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