September 2018—
12:00 pm—1:00 pm

When: Tuesday, Sept. 18 | Noon-1 p.m. ET
Where: Online webinar via Zoom videoconference
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Join Media Impact Funders for a webinar exploring new ways for funders to engage the public with science and evidence, and advance understanding of science and the scientific process.
Last fall, the Rita Allen Foundation organized a funder breakfast at the National Academy of Sciences’ Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium on the Science of Science Communication III. The rich content shared during the high-energy discussions suggested great potential for further collaboration and learning, particularly around popular culture, art and creative spaces, to connect science with people from different backgrounds, experiences and education levels.
To continue the conversation started at the Sackler Colloquium, MIF has developed a series of funder conversations to connect grantmakers with research, strategy and practice in science communications.
To that end, we’d like to invite you to a webinar organized around two upcoming convenings: SMASH and WGBH Innovation IdeaLab, both of which are focused on science media.

  • Adnaan Wasey, Rita Allen Fellow for Science Communication, will speak about his work around developing innovative methods to engage new audiences.
  • John Bredar, Vice President of National Programming at WGBH and Linda Harrar, Senior Programs Manager at WGBH Innovation IdeaLab will offer insights about how SMASH and IdeaLab curate and deliver innovative scientific information to media producers, funders, and other science media stakeholders. Harrar, in particular, will discuss IdeaLab’s model of sourcing science information to media outlets who in turn translate the knowledge into media programs for wide audience distribution.
  • Waleed Adbalati, Glaciologist & former NASA Chief Scientist will talk about his experience in bringing his scientific research to IdeaLab.

Elizabeth Christopherson, CEO of the Rita Allen Foundation and Diane Ives, Fund Advisor to the Kendeda Fund will offer their perspectives on the impact of these important programs.
Past MIF programs include:
The Public Face of Science
Last fall, we hosted a webinar in collaboration with the Academy of Arts and Sciences on the Public Face of Science, a multi-year project that explores the intersection of science and civic life. That conversation offered funders a preview of research on public attitudes ranging from general perceptions to the influence of demographics on views on specific issues. Read more.
How Popular Culture Can Elevate the Public’s Understanding of Science
How do we continue reaching new and diverse audiences with science content that sparks curiosity and learning? In collaboration with the Rita Allen Foundation, Media Impact Funders presented a webinar exploring how popular culture can elevate the public’s understanding of science. It offered funders a glimpse into how two foundations—the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Simons Foundation—are supporting and disseminating science content to a broad audience. Read more.
The 2018 Media Impact Forum
At our annual Media Impact Forum on May 10 in Philadelphia, we focused on the excellent practice in the communications of scientific information, and new ideas in the science of communications. The Forum helped philanthropy focus on the special role of science in our national debates, the importance of sharpening the communications of science, and broader issues about how to understand when communications and storytelling make a difference. Read more.
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