At our recent Media Impact Focus: Assessing the Impact of Media, we introduced Fraternal Order, a brave, new way to apply total information awareness to the thorny task of tracking media impact. Don’t be frightened, it’s not a real service. We hope it reveals, with a bit of dark humor, the challenge of assessing the impact of media at the same time it highlights the very real concern of excessive government surveillance.

Fraternal2pm from Mirror on Vimeo.

While we’re all for assessing the impact that media has, and its power as an agent for social change, we believe in privacy and confidentiality.
Check out the work of Fight for the Future, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center) to see how these groups are fighting surveillance and digital rights issues from SOPA and PIPA to the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Special thanks to Kim SpencerPeter Coyote and Kartina Richardson for bringing Fraternal Order to life and highlighting what’s at stake in our digital future.

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