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Total eclipse of the news: What happens when the president dominates the media cycle?

What can be said about President Trump that hasn’t already been said? With an overwhelming amount of news media coverage devoted to his every comment—whether on Twitter or IRL—it’s hard to even imagine waking up to a headline that’s not about him. And for the last year, we barely have.

Combating misinformation, Part 1: Building news that audiences can trust

While Americans’ faith in news media overall has been falling, they tend to trust the media that they like and pay for. So, in an effort to increase consumption of reliable journalism, how can funders support the production of trustworthy news?

Mapping to learn: Applying a systems lens to local journalism

By Tom Glaisyer | Originally posted on the Democracy Fund blog This week, we released a visualization and accompanying narrative that seeks to represent the dynamics facing local news institutions and levels of participation of the public in civic affairs. We hope that this interactive tool—which seeks to reflect the collective wisdom of many funders, […]

How Can Funders Support More News for Those Who Have the Least?

Often, conversations around news impact focus on outcomes. But what if the first step for making a difference in a community is simply having viable, diverse outlets?