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The (New) Power of Partnerships and Listening

The Center for Effective Philanthropy held its Leading Effective Foundations conference in San Francisco last month, convening more than 300 foundation executives and thought leaders in the nonprofit sector. Among featured speakers, Laurene Powell Jobs offered an eye-opening introduction into the innovative work of her Emerson Collective in defending immigrant rights and expanding educational opportunities, […]

Effective Communications and Creating Momentum for Social Change

By Vince Stehle |Originally posted on the Center for Effective Philanthropy blog Foundations are in the business of making the world a better place. Preserving the environment, reducing violence, and improving education are a few examples among the many philanthropic objectives that foundations may pursue. But are we applying ourselves as effectively as we might?

The New Jim Crow: The Role of Books in Leveraging Social Change

By Diane Wachtell, Executive Director of The New Press Books and films offer their creators entrée into a range of media — and access to new audiences — that are not available to those without such platforms.

Media Events at COF Annual Conference

Read our Storify covering our events in Chicago. We kicked off our Chicago visit with a celebration of the Henry Hampton Award winning film, DETROPIA,  featuring filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, with award presentation by director Ric Roman Waugh (Snitch). DETROPIA is a requiem for the death and rebirth of a great American city and explores resilience, […]

Documenting Detroit’s Decline – Documentary Paints a Bleak but Fair Picture of Detroit’s Decline

Detroit is a troubled city that presents a great challenge for philanthropic organizations and nonprofits working to improve conditions there: How do you convey the dire circumstances and balance the grim reality with inspiring accounts of heroic efforts to revive the city?