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Growth in Foundation Support for Media in the United States

Media Impact Funders is pleased to share a benchmark new report, Growth in Foundation Support for Media in the United States, in collaboration with the Foundation Center and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The research offers a far-reaching exploration of philanthropy’s role in media funding between 2009-2011, and is part of a […]

Bezos and Buffet in the News Industry is Good for Nonprofits

When Jeff Bezos announced last week that he would buy The Washington Post, many people derided the sale price as essentially an act of charity: At $250-million, the price Mr. Bezos paid was a lot higher than the newspaper is actually worth.

Documenting Detroit’s Decline – Documentary Paints a Bleak but Fair Picture of Detroit’s Decline

Detroit is a troubled city that presents a great challenge for philanthropic organizations and nonprofits working to improve conditions there: How do you convey the dire circumstances and balance the grim reality with inspiring accounts of heroic efforts to revive the city?