July 2023—
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The 2023 Forum Annual Conference is unlike any other event in the philanthropy sector. It is the only event that brings together people from all of the country’s philanthropy associations and networks—philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) that play a key role in advancing, convening, mobilizing, informing and supporting the field.

The Forum’s 2023 Annual Conference is the ONLY conference where you can connect with your Forum colleagues engaged in the same type of work as you. You’ll be inspired by a roster of engaging keynote speakers; build your skills in key functional areas for PSOs; have plenty of structured and informal time to network with your peers, and have several opportunities to explore Seattle.

As the Forum network has continued to grow in size and scope over the past few years, our annual conference has become an increasingly vital event for sparking and strengthening new PSO connections and partnerships, sharing and exploring new ideas for our field, and building our personal skills as effective PSO leaders. Don’t miss it!

Clips and Conversation with Media Impact Funders
From 5:30-7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 18, MIF will present Clips and Conversation featuring “Battleground” and Rewire News Group to unpack the current abortion narrative in America. Since the repeal of Roe v. Wade, which protected a woman’s right to have an abortion for nearly 50 years, most abortions are now illegal in 13 states, and counting. Attacks on women’s health are increasing, due in large part to the rise of disinformation in digital space and the decline in local news. This confluence of events should serve as a stark reminder to the philanthropic world of the growing vulnerability of abortion rights—and our democracy—in America. This conversation will explore how funders can address this vulnerability and step up support for a science-based counternarrative around abortion and women’s health.


  • Galina Espinoza, President and Editor-in-Chief, Rewire News Group
  • Nina Sachdev, Director of Communications, Media Impact Funders (moderator)