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The term “media” now means so much more than just journalism and newspapers. Learn more about the importance of media funding and its role in preserving civil society, the scope of media funding, the history of the field and examples of foundations and their myriad initiatives to support effective media.

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Knight Media Forum

The Knight Media Forum is designed to help funders from across the country find strategic ways to invest in strengthening local news, communities and our democracy. Can’t make it? Our next Journalism Funders Network webinar will feature a preview of KMF. Meet (virtually) some of the key folks working on local news ecosystems and make […]

2019 International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ)

Since 1999, journalists, media executives and scholars from around the world have had an annual meeting in Austin, Texas to discuss the impact of the digital revolution on journalism.

Mapping the Field of Media and Philanthropy: The Latest Data, Networks and Trends

Developed in partnership with the Foundation Center, our media grants data map is a free, interactive mapping and research tool that shows the full scope of philanthropically-funded media projects worldwide since 2009. This tool enables users to see, understand and dig deep into the numbers, networks and trends surrounding media and philanthropy.

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Our client, the Wyncote Foundation, today released our report highlighting 9 local media innovators that provide inspiring examples of exceptional work. We loved researching and writing this! Read it here:

Thanks @knightfdn for sharing our new report! New Wyncote Foundation report highlights local media innovation by Sarah Lutman

We are thankful for @knightfdn's commitment to the American Journalism Project, which will provide transformative grants and support to local, nonprofit civic news organizations to ensure their long-term sustainability. #lovelocalnews