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The term “media” now means so much more than just journalism and newspapers. Learn more about the importance of media funding and its role in preserving civil society, the scope of media funding, the history of the field and examples of foundations and their myriad initiatives to support effective media.

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Saving the Vaquitas: Screening and discussion of National Geographic’s new film, Sea of Shadows

Media Impact Funders, Philanthropy New York and the Environmental Grantmakers Association invite you to a special screening and discussion of the award-winning film Sea of Shadows, that follows undercover investigators, environmentalists, journalists and the Mexican Navy on their last minute effort to rescue the Earth’s smallest Whale — the Vaquita– from extinction.

The need for environmental journalism: What are funders supporting?

Environmental journalism today is more important than ever before.  With climate change, extreme weather, heat waves and melting glaciers causing seas to rise, the great pacific garbage patch weighing an estimated 80,000 tons and growing by the minute, threats to public health from lead poisoning and air pollution, and tragic trends in species extinction and biodiversity loss, we need journalists to investigate these increasingly […]

Mapping the Field of Media and Philanthropy: The Latest Data, Networks and Trends

Developed in partnership with the Foundation Center, our media grants data map is a free, interactive mapping and research tool that shows the full scope of philanthropically-funded media projects worldwide since 2009. This tool enables users to see, understand and dig deep into the numbers, networks and trends surrounding media and philanthropy.

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Come one, come all! Join us for Clips, Conversations & Cocktails w/ @FamilyPicsUSA @ 5:30 on the 6th floor. We'll learn about family, history and, despite our differences, how we share more in common than we think. #ForumCon19 #FamilyPicturesUSA @ObaOxum

Hey, #ForumCon19! Before you head out to dinner, join us at 5:30 on the 6th floor for our latest edition of Clips, Conversation & Cocktails! So dust off those family photo albums (no longer a thing of the past!) b/c we are featuring a wonderful PBS series called @FamilyPicsUSA.