September 2023—
12:00 pm—1:00 pm

Virtual meeting

This is a funder-only discussion.

We hope you can join us for this special discussion on Friday, Sept. 15—Democracy Day—that will highlight efforts in philanthropy to support election reporting.

In partnership with Media Impact Funders, Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE), Democracy Funders Network (DFN) and Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP), Democracy Fund will hold a one-hour virtual briefing on the intersection of democracy, elections, and journalism.

Earlier this year, Democracy Fund hosted listening sessions with a wide cross-section of journalism and elections grantees and partners. The goal was to hear directly from the field about the threats and opportunities for local and community journalism anticipated in upcoming and future election cycles. The result was powerful messages about what’s at stake in 2024 and how philanthropy can support.

In this virtual meeting, the team will unpack major themes and takeaways with newsroom leaders, and encourage a dialogue with funders who are engaged in democracy, civic participation and have an interest in building capacity for journalism in and beyond election cycles.


This member briefing is organized in partnership with Democracy Fund and co-hosted with PACE, DFN and FCCP.

Democracy Fund is an independent and nonpartisan, private foundation that confronts deep-rooted challenges in American democracy while defending against new threats. Since 2014, we have made grants of more than $275 million in support of those working to strengthen our democracy through the pursuit of a vibrant and diverse public square, free and fair elections, effective and accountable government, and a just and inclusive society.

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) is a member-centric philanthropic laboratory for funders seeking to maximize their impact on democracy and civic life in the United States. Our members share a belief that America will be healthier and more successful, resilient, and productive, if democracy is strong and the office of citizen is treated as central to how it functions. We believe that American democracy will thrive when all of its people are informed and engaged in the process of creating it.

The Democracy Funders Network (DFN) is a community for donors who want to learn together, build and strengthen relationships, and ultimately identify opportunities for coordination and collaboration. We convene and connect funders, curate programs, develop informational materials, and advise donors on their democracy investments. DFN serves new and existing funders in the democracy field.

The Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP) is an innovative and thought-provoking network that shares an underlying conviction that all people deserve a voice in our democratic process. We envision an open and equitable representative democracy with a strong, inclusive civic infrastructure that enables all communities to participate and shifts power to the people. Our network is comprised of more than 110 members from grantmaking institutions, individual donors, and donor advisors who fund across 46 U.S. states and territories and explore a wide variety of topical areas. We provide a dynamic learning community to inform nonpartisan civic engagement and democracy reform grantmaking strategies, create meaningful spaces to foster various forms of collaboration among our members, and involve increasingly diverse funders in discussions on civic participation and deepen engagement with members in alignment with FCCP’s mission.