May 2019—
9:00 am—9:00 pm

The American Philosophical Society
Benjamin Franklin Hall
427 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Please note: This is a funders-only event.


Cultural organizations are increasingly relying upon film and digital media to strengthen their programming onsite and to reach a broader audience online and in their communities. Innovative figures at museums and other arts organizations are leading the way, with significant support from philanthropy. And more and more arts and culture organizations are using these tools and resources to spark civic engagement, beyond traditional educational and aesthetic functions of their organizations.

Among media forms and formats, radio is seeing a resurgence in reach and impact, driven in part by the explosion of interest in podcasts and other streaming media experiences.

Taken together, this year’s Media Impact Forum (#MIForum) will explore the intersection between the arts, culture and media. In particular, we’ll take a close look at the connection between radio and community, and how this format continues to promote civic dialogue to the broadest audiences possible.


  • Live music throughout the day from some serious rising stars
  • The talents of our host, Laura Flanders, of The Laura Flanders Show
  • Peter Buffet, philanthropist and co-president of the NoVo Foundation
  • Tales from the podcasting pros at PRX
  • Master storyteller and filmmaker Stanley Nelson
  • Exploring a Virtual Reality tour of the incomparable Barnes Foundation, home to one of the world’s great collections of impressionist art.
  • And much more!