May 2022—
1:00 pm—2:00 pm

Zoom online meeting

This meeting is open to all funders.

This event is postponed. We will communicate a new date and time as soon as possible.

Over a series of sessions hosted in 2020 and 2021, Perspective Fund gathered its current and recent grantees whose work serves as the backbone of the documentary impact field. These grantees, all focused on strengthening and innovating different aspects of the impact ecosystem, gathered not only to build community but to participate in a two-way channel of conversation about what Perspective Fund (and funders like them) can do to elevate their support “beyond the check.”

In this MIF Member Briefing, Denae Peters of Perspective Fund, Daniel Forkkio of Represent Justice, and Shaady Salehi of the Trust-based Philanthropy Project will share some of the most meaningful takeaways from these fruitful and galvanizing conversations.



Denae Peters
Program Officer, Perspective Fund




Shaady Salehi
Executive Director of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project 




Daniel Forkkio
Chief Executive Officer of Represent Justice



About MIF Member Briefings
Members and supporters of Media Impact Funders have the opportunity to initiate and produce issue-related programming for their peers. These hour-long online briefings are open to all MIF members, and are meant to provide more time to learn from one another to maximize the impact of their work. Learn more.