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Member spotlight: Wyncote Foundation

The Wyncote Foundation, based in Philadelphia, was founded in 2009 with funds from the Otto and Phoebe Haas Charitable Trusts, at the direction of John C. Haas. A place-based funder, Wyncote is a strong player in the field of media philanthropy and believes deeply in supporting local communities by lifting up the stories and voices […]

NewsMatch raises $7.6 million for nonprofit news organizations in 2018

Washington, D.C. (Feb. 12, 2019): NewsMatch raised $7.6 million from individual donors and a coalition of major funders for nonprofit news organizations in two months at the end of 2018. During the largest-ever grassroots fundraising campaign to support local news, over 240,000 people gave to 154 newsrooms between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. More than […]

New evidence shows that documentary films can improve women’s and girls’ lives

By Kimberly Sevcik | Director, International Engagement, ITVS Many of us who work in media believe that social documentaries and storytelling can change hearts and minds and even behavior—and with the field’s growing emphasis on impact measurement, Independent Television Service (ITVS) set out to prove it.

New Wyncote Foundation report shows how place-based foundations are supporting media

As MIF’s staff packs up for next week’s Knight Media Forum, we’re pleased to share an on-point new report just out from the Wyncote Foundation: Investing in Local Journalism, Public Media, and Storytelling: Examples from Place-Based Foundations.

Catch this week’s NonCommvention with the help of VuHaus

WXPN’s 17th annual NonCommvention—considered the premier gathering place for noncommercial music radio stations, industry members and music fans—is under way at World Café Live in Philadelphia. Performers this year include Blondie, Ani DiFranco, the Pixies, Benjamin Booker, and more.

Philly’s 2 largest newspapers are donated to a local nonprofit

Note: This piece was updated on Feb. 1 to reflect comments from David Haas, a board member for Media Impact Funders and a member of the board of managers for the Institute for Journalism in New Media. Last week, in a bold move to save Philadelphia’s three largest, most influential journalistic entities, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily […]

Media Impact Funders Survey Reveals Varied Perspectives on Impact Assessment

PARK CITY, Utah — When media funders talk about impact, what do they mean, and how do they demonstrate it? At the Sundance Film Festival, Media Impact Funders (MIF) released a new report, Funder Perspectives: Assessing Media Investments. It explores the multiple and sometimes overlapping lenses through which grantmakers view media evaluation, and confirms that […]

Arts Institutions Could Benefit From Embracing Digital Media

Originally posted in Philanthropy.com Patrons at the venerable Philadelphia Orchestra were invited to bring their smartphones and tablets to a special concert last week so they could follow along on the LiveNote app, which provides images and commentary information to illuminate musical themes as they are played. On a typical concert night for most orchestras, […]

Like, Link, Share: How Cultural Institutions are Embracing Digital Technology

By Sarah Lutman The Wyncote Foundation releases a special report on digital innovation in cultural institutions. In its continuing effort to understand the non-profit public media sector, the Wyncote Foundation has released Like, Link, Share: How Cultural Institutions are Embracing Digital Technology.