Is one of your goals to increase support for local news and media in your region? If so, MIF presented a special opportunity to learn more about how to make the case for increased media and journalism investments through the documentary film “Storm Lake.”

“Storm Lake,” about a family-run Iowa newspaper that has been struggling to keep local journalism alive in its community, is a must-see portrait of the loss of local journalism amid an ongoing pandemic, and the efforts of a community to keep it alive.

This discussion went behind the scenes of “Storm Lake” with the filmmaker and impact producer about the inspiration behind making the film and its intended impact. We also heard from Bridge Detroit and its perspective on making the case for local news, and from the Wichita Community Foundation about the importance of supporting a local news ecosystem.

What we explored:

  • The power of documentaries in catalyzing change
  • The impact of the loss of local news
  • The role funders can play in building and supporting a strong media ecosystem in their region
  • A playbook for making the case to donors for increased media and journalism investments in your community
  • How you, too, can use the film Storm Lake in screenings and discussions with local donors and prospect, as a way to stimulate local interest in supporting media organizations in your communities.