What is it: A campaign launched by Ford in late January that seeks to raise awareness about inequality in all its forms and what can be done about it. Ford asked people on social media one question: Finish this sentence: Inequality is…

The overwhelming number of responses run the gamut from access to clean water, racial injustice, access to education and technology, equal pay and more:

The highlights: In addition, Ford commissioned a series of 12 videos featuring Gloria Steinem, Elton John, artists, CEOs and other leaders. Take a few moments to watch all 12 videos (they’re short but inspiring). Here are our picks below:
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 Gowri Ishwaran, CEO, Global Education and Leadership Foundation
“Men and women in India are treated differently. Very often we are treated as second-class citizens. Food was first served to the brothers, and then you are the leftover. If you want to have an inclusive society, schools need to be inclusive. It all begins when they are small children.”

Elton John, Founder, Elton John AIDS Foundation
“The AIDS epidemic originally started from stigma. It’s the stigma we need to get rid of. Inequality in any shape or form is the biggest problem we face today.”

Fred Swaniker, Founder, African Leadership Academy
“We need to create jobs more than anything else. Youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems we have on this continent. The young people who have the greatest potential to really bring about change are not necessarily getting the access they need to transform Africa.”

Bryan Stevenson, Founder, Equal Justice Initiative
“Inequality is racism. Inequality is exploitation of the poor. Inequality is abuse of power. It burdens me that we have kids in this country that have … to deal with the presumption of dangerousness and guilt in ways where their lives are at risk.”