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Justice issues have come to the forefront of American consciousness in profound and public ways in the past few years. The relationship between the police, courts and minority communities has disintegrated as more evidence surfaces of racial profiling and police misconduct, coupled with alarming questions about unequal sentencing, fines and prisoner treatment. Funders have come to see media productions as powerful tools in their work to create a fair criminal justice system for all Americans by helping to shift public opinion and policy on issues such as profiling, solitary confinement and the school-to-prison pipeline. This Issue section provides a single point of entry to explore all the justice content on our site – from events to analysis, media examples to posts. Explore the big picture or select a tab for specific types of content.  

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How Mother Jones used its prison exposé to turn readers into donors


The role of philanthropy in changing police culture

Editor’s note: Last week, following the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and then five police officers at the tail end of a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration, Grant Oliphant, president of The Heinz Endowments in Pittsburgh, wrote a poignant piece about the responsibility we have in our field to bear witness to these unspeakably tragic events. He wrote: “This is what I have to give: To say on behalf of our institution, yes, yes, we see it. We see it and it is not ok. To say, we will do our part. To protest, along with you, ‘Enough, stop it, no more.'” 

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