After seven years of tracking the field of media impact assessment, we’re pleased to announce the release of our latest report, Decoding Media Impact: Insights, Advice & Recommendations, which provides an examination of the current state of the field.

MIF has played a key role in organizing the conversation around media impact since 2013. During that time, the field of media grantmaking was experiencing unprecedented growth, as funders were becoming more aware of the power of media to move the needle on important social issues. As such, we saw an increase in the number of new approaches to assess the impact of that media.

Informed by feedback from our network, this guide is meant to serve as a practical resource for funders who want to understand where to start. Our years of research have led us to four key insights:

  1. There are many different frameworks for measuring media impact for different areas of practice.
  2. Funders should be mindful of power dynamics, and thoughtful in determining appropriate impact strategies with their grantees.
  3. Digital analytics tools provide a wealth of useful data, but grantees require financial and logistical support in implementing them.
  4. There are opportunities for funders to collaborate with each other to share best practices and increase collective impact.

This report includes a deep dive into each of these insights, as well as companion guest essays from leaders in the field. We hope you will use this guide to inform your own practice, and to continue this critical conversation.