Assessing Impact of Media

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Conversations about impact in documentary films: Beyond fear and loathing

Scientists say user addiction fosters more dependency than cocaine, alcohol

Assessing to achieve high performance: What nonprofits are doing and how foundations can help

The case for communications

The Stanford Social Information Review has released a four-part series that shares “case studies showcasing strategic communications efforts that delivered impact, drove change, and advanced nonprofits’ missions,” designed to provide “compelling examples and evidence of smart, effective communications efforts for leaders in the communications field.”

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“Moneyball” for book publishers: A detailed look at how we read

Jellybooks, a reader analytics company, is looking at when readers “give up” on a book and much more. Some publishers are using their findings to reshape their marketing plans, and there is potential to use the data to “radically reshape books to make them more enticing.” Read more

Getting more transparent about foundation results

The Center for Effective Philanthropy recently released a report which provides some startling data about the state of transparency in the foundation world. The study “uncovers a desire among both foundation leaders and their grantees to move from a basic level of transparency toward a deeper one that reveals performance and lessons learned.” Read more

Who’s influencing the 2016 election?

Who’s leading online conversation in this most interesting of election years?  William Powers of MIT’s Laboratory for Social Machines analyses key Twitter influencers, and the ways in which the traditional role of the media as gatekeeper has shifted. “Thanks to the digital revolution, the old behemoths of political influence, the two major parties and the traditional media, have lost their former dominance,” he writes.

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How CIR measured greater awareness of health risks after investigation

The importance of little data: creating an impact at a local level

All the feels: A scientific ranking of Emoji sentiment

Guide to Crowdsourcing

Mapping the Intersection of Interactive Documentaries and Digital Journalism

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