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The 2021 Media Impact Forum
Session 3 is Wednesday, April 21
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As part of a new strategic direction informed by a yearlong review of our organization, we’ve been tasked with outlining learning priorities for the year and beyond. We have identified the following priorities:

  • Making the case for media funding
  • Assessing the impact of media funding
  • Understanding the importance of evidence-based science communications activities
  • Presenting/identifying funding models & best practices for supporting local journalism

More importantly, in response to the increasingly urgent need to address global climate change, we will be prioritizing programming around the environment. We’re committed to helping funders engage in conversations around the narrative change needed to shift policy, behavior and culture. In convening funders both in person and online, we will create opportunities to talk, learn, share and collaborate. We are inviting all funders, whether you expressly support media or not, to join us in this cause. 

While we are still working to finalize our programming for the year, here’s a look at some of our upcoming events focusing on the environment:

July 23 — Screening and discussion of National Geographic’s new film, Sea of Shadows.

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July 25 — Webinar on environmental journalism.

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Oct. 29-30 — The Annual Journalism Funders Gathering

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November 2019 – High-impact climate media

Details to come.

Jan. 14, 2020 – Funders-only pre-conference at National Geographic’s Storytelling Summit

Details to come.

May 2020 – Media Impact Forum

Details to come.

About the Author
Nina Sachdev

Nina Sachdev

Communications Director

Nina Sachdev brings more than 15 years of journalism, news editing and marketing experience to her role as the communications director for Media Impact Funders. She cut her teeth in journalism at The Dallas Morning News, where—as an intern on the copy desk—she was tasked with editing the obituaries of famous people who hadn’t yet died. Since then, Nina has worked at The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, The Philadelphia Daily News and The Philadelphia Weekly in almost every editorial capacity imaginable, including senior editor, A1 editor (when that used to be a thing) and slot (does anyone remember that being a thing?). Nina is the creator and editor of the award-winning The Survivors Project: Telling the Truth About Life After Sexual Abuse, which exposes the reality of healing from the effects of sexual abuse. Nina holds an M.A. in journalism from Temple University.